Esteemed citizens,

As the State Minister of Commerce and Industry of Somalia, I am honored to address you today and extend my heartfelt gratitude for the privilege to serve our nation in this capacity. It is with great dedication and enthusiasm that I join hands with you to fulfill our goals of fostering economic growth and promoting a thriving business environment within our beloved country.

At the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, we acknowledge the unique challenges we face, but we are unwavering in our determination to overcome them. We are committed to implementing progressive policies and strategic measures that will accelerate the growth of our economy and enhance the socio-economic well-being of all Somalis.

Our primary focus is to create an enabling business environment that attracts domestic and foreign investments. By fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and providing necessary support services, we aim to propel our local businesses to reach new heights of success. Through targeted interventions and incentives, we will pave the way for job creation and economic empowerment across our nation.

In line with our commitment to developing key industries, we will identify sectors with high growth potential and provide support to promote their sustainable development. We strongly believe in harnessing the untapped potential of our resources and leveraging technology to boost productivity and competitiveness in these sectors. Through collaboration with relevant stakeholders, we seek to encourage innovation, increase value-addition, and create avenues for economic diversification.

As State Minister, I understand the importance of fostering strong partnerships both regionally and globally. We will actively engage with our neighboring countries, regional bodies, and international organizations to explore opportunities for trade collaboration and economic integration. By harmonizing trade policies and streamlining cross-border procedures, we will increase our regional influence and expand market access for the benefit of all involved parties.

Moreover, transparency, accountability, and good governance are the guiding principles of our ministry. We are committed to ensuring that our operations are conducted with the utmost integrity, and we will remain vigilant in our effort to combat corruption at all levels. By promoting transparency and accountability, we aim to build trust and instill confidence in our business community, attracting more investments and contributing to sustainable economic growth.

Together, as a united nation, we can realize the true potential of Somalia’s commerce and industry. I call upon all stakeholders, including government institutions, private sector entities, civil society organizations, and the people of Somalia to join hands in our collective mission towards economic transformation.

I extend my sincere appreciation for your continued support, and I am confident that through collaborative efforts, we will pave the way for a brighter future filled with opportunities, prosperity, and inclusive growth for all.

With utmost regard,

H.E. Abdisalaan Sharif Hussein
State Minister of Commerce and Industry of Somalia

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