Africa is increasingly focusing on regional integration as a strategy for achieving sustainable economic growth as there is a consensus that by merging its economies and pooling its capacities, endowments and energies, the
continent can overcome its daunting development challenges. Meaningful integration would allow robust
economic growth, poverty reduction, enhanced movement of goods, services, capital and labour, socio-economic policy coordination and harmonization, infrastructure development as well as the promotion of peace and security within and between the regions. In spite of the constraints hindering intra-African trade, the continent is making commendable progress, underpinning broad-base development opportunities for all stakeholders, improve access to foreign technology, investment. The strategy will enable African governments to accelerate transformation their fragmented small economies, expand their markets, widen the region’s economic space, and reap the benefits of economies of scale for production and trade, thereby maximizing the welfare of their nations. Accordingly, a new momentum is created by Horn of Africa leaders (HoA) which aiming to advance regional integration process, harmonize policies, Economic corridors, regulations and institutions, facilitate efficient movements of people and goods, adequate storage facilitates & warehouses, trucking, insurance and freight management, and related services.