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Overview of SME and Cooperatives Department

The Department of SME and Cooperatives is a division under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Federal Republic of Somalia. This department consist two main sections responsible for promotion and expansion of the SME and Cooperative sector.

Main Objectives of the Department

  • Improvement of legislative intuitional framework and operational environment for SMEs.
  • Improvement the performance of MSEs through support of community based enterprise development.
  • Coordinate, promote and support establishment of linkages and partnerships with other Ministries, Department Agencies and Private Sector to enhance values and benefits from the sector.
  • Initiate and formulate policies, legal and strategies for cooperatives and SME development
  • Facilitating SMEs to establish new and strengthen existing relationship with their counterparts overseas and generating business opportunities.
  • Supervise and monitor cooperatives to ensure they operate within the established cooperative laws and set objectives for the benefit of members.
  • Support and facilitate the development of entrepreneurship and SMEs in Somalia

Main Function of the Department

  • Creating policy and strategic System that supports SMEs and Cooperatives special on access to finance, Business Development Services, Market and institutional framework for SMEs Development.

Ibrahim Isse Abdulle

Ibrahim Isse is the Director of Department Small and Medium Enterprise and Cooperatives at Minister of Commerce and Industry. He is responsible for promotion and expansion of the SME and Cooperative sector, as well as he worked different departments on daily basis processing information, documentation all the activity of the Department and reporting to the Director. Before starting in his role within the Civil Service, Ibrahim spent 3 years working community Development projects in Somalia.

Contacts :-
Physical Address: Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Telephone: ­­+252615599758
Email: smecoop@moci.Gov.So