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Finance Dept

Overview of Admin and Finance Department

Department of Admin and Finance is support department to other departments, it handles and facilitates day to day operations. This department consists of Director, Deputy Director, four sectional heads and Staffs.

Main Objectives:

  • To coordinate the budget preparation as well as its execution for the ministry;
  • To advise to the management of the ministry on finance issues;
  • To supervise the financial management;
  • To prepare the monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports;
  • To ensure proper management of the ministry’s assets, office stationary and equipment’s
  • To carry out the procurement unit Ministry.
  • To use Information Technology to achieve automated, accelerated and simplified paperless administrative process and service delivery for the Ministry

Main Function

  • Budgeting, Allocating & Expenditure
  • Salaries, Running & Travel Cost
  • Reconciling Cash Book & Bank Accounts
  • Procurement Management&Inventory Management
  • Pre-Audit/Examination
  • To develop Ministry’s website and Social Media
  • Implement ICT and e-Government policy
  • Develop and Coordinate Integrated Information and Communication Technology for the Ministry
  • Ensure hardware and software are well maintained
  • To provide Trainings to Ministry’s staff for basic Computer skills in Ministry
  • Unification of the Ministry’s references
  • To keepStamp, Secret and Documentsof the Ministry.
  • To Keep the Ministry of Information documents.
  • Receiving all documents to Ministry

To distribute documents to related offices timely


Isman Ahmed Macow

Isman Ahmed Macow is the Director of Department Admin & Finance Minister of Commerce and Industry. He is responsible for promotion and expansion of the Admin & Finance sector, as well as he worked different departments on daily basis processing Administration, documentation all the activity of the Department and reporting to the Director. Before starting in his role within the Civil Service, Isman spent 10 years working Lecturer & Administration University in Somalia.

Mr. Isman holds M BA Master Degree from MAHSA University, Bachelor Accounting from SIMAD and from BA SOHDEC institute.

Contacts: Physical Address: Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Telephone: ¬¬+252617083145 Email: admin.finance@moci.Gov.So