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Ministry of Commerce and Industry has overall responsibility for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of Somali’s internal and external trade & Manufacturing Policy. It is the sectors of the Ministry to ensure that Somali derives maximum benefit from internal & External Trade relations and that domestic trade is conducted in a smooth and orderly manne

A commerce and Industry that leads to open market, economic growth and sustainable development.

Promote industrial, commercial development and encourage investments.

  • Promote industrial, commercial development and encourage investments.
    · To regulate commercial activity and licensing framework
    · Encourage tourism, small, medium and large enterprises.
  • Results-oriented: MOCI employees will be appraised on the basis of output and outcomes achieved for efficient and effective service delivery.
  • Customer-care: MOCI employees will demonstrate high level of respect, impartiality, courtesy, and timeliness in the course of discharging their duties.
  • Professional excellence: MOCI employees will be creative and innovative to demonstrate highest standards of work by actively improving competence and skills through training.
  • Accountability: MOCI employees will be accountable for their actions, exercise diligence to duty and optimum use of resources.
  • Transparency: MOCI employees will exercise openness, impartiality, accuracy and promptness in sharing the information with all the stakeholders.
  • Integrity: MOCI employees will abide by ethical code of conduct, respect for laws, not seek or accept gifts favors or inducement, Financial or otherwise in the course of discharging their duties.
  • Team Work: MOCI employees will demonstrate highest level of comment, by working together, collaborating and Coordinating in discharging their duties;
  • Participatory Focus: MOCI employees will involve stakeholders in formulating, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs and strategies.
  • Chain of Command: MOCI employees in different positions will follow proper chain of command as stipulated in the Public Service guidance’s in undertaking different challenges on delivery of different services on industry, trade, marketing and SME issue to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Impartiality: MOCI employees will provide service without gender, race, political and religion segregation.



Enhanced investment resulting in increased employment, incomes and equitable distribution of the benefits leading towards poverty eradication


Tasks And Responsibilities

  • To regulate means of supervising the development of domestic trade markets and protecting them against exploitation and monopoly and to control prices. To review ways of commercial practices and develop methods and procedures in line with the public interest
  • To issue the necessary licenses for public service offices and have them registered


  •  Economic Key Outcome
  •  Export Product Increased and Key Outcomes