Respected citizens of Somalia,

It is with immense honor and humility that I address you as the Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry of our great nation. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the trust and confidence placed in me to serve alongside our esteemed Minister in driving the economic growth and development of Somalia.

As Deputy Minister, my utmost priority is to support the Minister and contribute wholeheartedly to the efforts aimed at fostering a thriving business environment within our country. By working together with our dedicated ministry team and collaborating with various stakeholders, we will strive to achieve our shared goals of economic prosperity and social welfare for all Somalis.

I recognize the challenges that lie ahead, but I am resolute in my commitment to addressing them head-on. We will prioritize robust policies, effective strategies, and innovative solutions that will pave the way for sustainable economic growth. Through targeted interventions and the utilization of our nation’s abundant resources, we aim to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and flourish.

One of our key objectives is to enhance trade facilitation and promote both domestic and international commerce. We will actively engage with national and global partners to streamline import and export processes, reduce trade barriers, and simplify procedures. By ensuring efficiency and transparency in trade operations, we aim to attract investments, stimulate economic activity, and create employment opportunities for our citizens.

In addition to trade promotion, we will focus on the growth and development of industries within Somalia. With a keen eye on emerging sectors, we will encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancements. By nurturing these industries, we can foster economic diversification, increase productivity, and create a favorable investment climate that supports the growth of our local businesses.

Collaboration will be at the heart of our strategies, as we believe that partnerships pave the way for success. Reaching out to neighboring countries, regional bodies, and international organizations will be a priority to enhance economic integration, expand market access, and tap into regional value chains. By actively participating in trade agreements and cooperation activities, we can unlock new avenues for growth and promote economic stability.

Transparency, integrity, and good governance will form the foundation of our operations. We are committed to ensuring that our decisions and actions are guided by these principles to enhance accountability and combat corruption. By promoting ethical business practices, we aim to cultivate an environment of trust and confidence, which will attract domestic and foreign investments, ultimately leading to sustainable economic development for our nation.

I extend my sincerest appreciation to the people of Somalia for their unwavering support and belief in our vision. Together, we can create opportunities, empower our communities, and build a prosperous future for our beloved country.


H.E. Hon. Osman Mohamed Abdi (Daallo)
Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry of Somalia

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