The roles and responsibilities of the ministry are divided into three categories:

  • Policy of the ministry
  • Legal framework and agreements for commerce and industries
  • Management of commerce and industries

Policy of the Ministry

  1. Formation, development and implementation of policies in planning commerce and national industries
  2. Improvement of commerce and marketing national product
  3. Development and implementation of domestic investment programmes and projects related with commerce and industries
  4. Promote and strengthen foreign and domestic investment
  5. Promote, organize and develop small and big industries
  6. Promote business people and industry owners the use of technology and advance skills and new innovation for commerce and production
  7. Improve capacity and production of industries so as to compete international market

Legal Framework and Agreements for Commerce and Industries

Introduction, development and monitoring investment law (internationally and domestically) as well as other agreements relevant to the ministry

  1. Introduction, development and implementation of regulatory framework and agreements in commerce and industries 

Management of Commerce and Industries

  1. Collection of information, data and research of commerce and industries; and research on national resources and local production to attract foreign and domestic investment
  2. Collaboration and sharing of research information on commerce and industry with planning and economic development institutions, and productive sector
  3. Improvement, capacity development and advancement of offices and ministry staff
  4. Safeguard property of the ministry and recovery of what is missing
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