We bring you the first English edition of “SOMTRADE Newsletter”, a publication of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It is a quarterly bulletin that highlights events, activities, programs and achievements in the trade, industry and trade unions & cooperatives sectors. This is a rebranded version of the Ministry Newsletter that existed before, with a new touch, to effectively bring you all the information that is worthy of your attention. The publication of “SOMTRADE Newsletter” is in line with the Government Communication Strategy to
ensure effective communication between the Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) the general public and other related stakeholders.
Our first Issue brings you highlights of the performance of activities in the commerce & industry sector accomplishment for 2018/2019. There are various bilateral meetings and multilateral Conference that took place and many more events including Public Private Dialogue Conferences. The inauguration of Somali Trade Newsletter “SomTrade” will be published online quarterly and
distributed through the various channels mainly the Ministry website and other online platforms. The Ministry will produce an Annual Magazine that
summarizes the highlights of the sector inter of achievements, challenges and plans of the year.